The WakaWaka Power is a durable, lightweight compact solar charger that’s capable of charging practically any type of (smart) phone or small electronic device with a USB port within two hours. It also provides up to 150 hours of light with its built-in LEDs. 
This makes it an attractive product for everyone; including outdoor enthusiasts, travelers and people in regions with frequent power outages.

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  • Special Buy One Give One Offer. Use your special Give One Code to contribute a Waka Waka Light to any of the existing Humanitarian Aid Projects around the world
  • Extends the day by more than 3 hours, every day (light = life)
  • Elimination of kerosene lamp accidents that cause severe burns
  • Substantial reductions of indoor air pollution (kerosene lamps contribute significantly to serious respiratory problems)
  • Remarkable increase of study time resulting in improved school grades
  • Up to 20% disposable income redirected from fuel to food, education and health care
  • Improved health care conditions
  • Potential positive impact on birth rates (data forthcoming)
  • Improves livelihood
  • SOS emergency light
  • Auto energy saving mode
  • Super bright =~10 hrs
  • WakaWaka Power and external device charge simultaneously
  • Light and charger can be used simultaneously

Dimensions : 121 x 17 x 78 mm
Weight : ~200 grams
Connectors : 500 mAh micro USB in & 1A USB out
LED : 0.5W A-brand, 120 lumen/Watt
Indicators : 4 battery LEDs
                   : 1 solar charge LED
                   : 1 USB charge indicator LED
Battery : 2200 mAh LiPo
Solar cell : super efficient solar panel
Power management : patented Intivation SNBST3 chip
Housing : recyclable ABS, ruggedized, flexible positioning: table top,
on a bottle, from the ceiling
Quality : UNFCCC compliant, CE (UL pending)
Manual : full color, FSC paper
Solar charge time : 75% full in~6 hrs (New York latitude, summertime)
AC power : 100% full in~5 hrs
LED burn time
Bright =~20 hrs
Medium =~40 hrs
Low =~200 hrs

1 year warranty